"Moving Challenging Real Life Drama"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 28/07/14

" The Doctor will see you now " - is the invitation to enter the auditorium - or ward or treatment area . A motionless pygama clad man in bed , a black Moth-Man stirs on a metal frame , a pregnant women sits up straight still not moving and The Doctor and The Nurse are in attendance too.

It is not always easy to watch a bloke in a wheelchair with motionless legs due to a motorcycle accident struggle from bed to wheelchair and back to the bed again - the bed that has become 'home' . The wheelchair is rejected at first and literally thrown around the room but eventually accepted and practiced upon until perfect - turning on a sixpence and travelling at ' break-neck- speed' - no pun intended . Careful - easy does it - no more accidents please.

"No , you wont walk again " announces the doctor - and then circus like - as a ringmaster states - " Ladies and Gentlemen - watch Him move his legs "- drumroll - but he doesn't . We now realise we are watching not an actor pretending - but a performer being - He who really cannot move his legs . It is at this point we stop being passive observers - and become voyeurs - visibly witnessing his trials and tribulations . He is bedbound again .

Moth-man the insect like creature that has inhabited 'our hero' since that dark day distorts and contorts - wrapping himself around him and his girlfriend like a black mass with wings . Will it ever fly ?

All the cast are excellent and with a transparent gauze providing a screen we see slides , moving images , photos and footage of the event to bring it all home to us . Lighting and soundscape too add authenticity . The human spirit carries on - and we have an insight into Chapter 2 - walking with a wooden support and smiling . Thunderous applause said it all - it had been very moving throughout - no pun intended.

Created by Iddo Gruengard who plays Ethan our man of the moment is ably assisted by a talented cast and crew throughout . Reality theatre that really hits home .

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