"Unique Storytelling One Man Show"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 11/07/14

Lets get one thing straight - straightaway - this is a FIVE STAR RAVING REVIEW !
From the very beginning this unique and talented performer /storyteller/actor/author has us in the palm of his hand . ( Leo Kay ) .

We toast various countries and cities ; Germany , Israel , Palestine , USA and Dear Old Blighty (London ) too . We are not sure why but we toast anyway - it was a vodka or orange juice option and most of us went for the vodka .

We are transported from the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall to a stowaway on board a ship bound for India - stopping in USA with red cadillacs and the stuff that dreams are made of . Dreams good and bad that sometimes make us cry and sometimes spur us on to experience life at it fullest .

Grief and hardship , father and fathers father add to the mix and we too are asked to write down memories good and bad , happy and sad - and we do - we need only be asked once ! Such power , such grace , a winning smile , a cheeky grin , a shared experience . NOT TO BE MISSED - A MUST SEE !

The damp basement and naked light bulbs add atmosphere in all the right places and with the added bonus of a percussionist and live music - along with some great physicality - spinning on a sixpence like a whirling dervish - a drunken brawl acted out with a hurried frantic manic escape .

Even at the end after all his heart ache, all his sharing - there is a warm handshake and a fond farewell . This definitely deserves a longer run in a larger room - I tried to imagine it in a west end theatre - and feel sure the intimacy yet epic proportions would not be missed and go unnoticed .

It takes an hour to perform but as an audience member it feels like a lifetime to conceive and share and tell - warts and all . Astounding . Captivating theatre as it's very best .

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