"Heart warming and ingeniously comic"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 08/06/14

I have to admit that it’s been a while since I saw a performance at the White Bear Theatre, but no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen a production there, you never forget the small and cosy space giving something of a theatrical ‘home-y’ feeling. Some may see a small theatre and see limitations, but Rough Haired Pointer see limitless opportunities.

On entering the theatre, you not only enter the performance space, but the new home of Mr and Mrs Pooter. As audience members find their seats, the actors are already onstage poised underneath lamps waiting for their cue. The set is white, with simple black outlines for the set, windows, piano, fireplace all come to life with nothing more than simple black lines of paint. Even the table and chairs match the décor and the costumes also have their own black outlines. Simple and effective, the world of Mr Pooter comes to life before your very eyes.
‘The Diary of a Nobody’ was originally written as a comic novel in the late 1800’s, originally as a series in ‘Punch’ magazine, and later on as a book. Admittedly, this wasn’t a piece that I was familiar with, but after watching Director Mary Franklin’s production, this is surely a real theatrical diamond.

A mix of narrative and dialogue, each actor, aided only with minor costume changes, embodied each character (there were many!) completely. Each scene an entry in Mr Pooter’s diary, some comments completely normal and day to day, while others depicting scenarios were hilarious, poignant and utterly naturalistic. At times when actors had to almost quadruple up on characters, they made every accent, mannerism and even walk unique to that character and seemingly effortless. As adaptable to their characters as they were to the space, the set incorporated scene projections, hanging windows and even music played by the actors on stage added to the overall ambience.

I could write about this performance all day, but to appreciate the entire production, you would have to go and see it. If you’re looking for a production that’s as unique, side splittingly funny and completely unapologetic there is no doubt in my mind that you should go. Heart-warming with ingenious comic timing, this is a production that will leave you chuckling down the street.

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