"Interesting but needs an overhaul"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 19/12/13

“Hero” produced by Theatre Libre is an interesting piece. It tells the story of a female warrior (Rebekah Roe) who survives an apocalyptic battle only to be told by a strange sorcerer (Janet Kumah) she must make one final journey. Along the way she teams up with Rat (Mark Lee), an orphan with a talent for theft and Poet (Paul Sockett), who is searching for his lost violin. Six actors play a wide range of supporting characters, including gypsies (Miranda Colmans, Josie-Beth Davies, Kamila Domanska and Julie Havelund) and hostile soldiers (Barney Hart Dyke and Sarah Pitard).

The production team are at pains to stress that this is a work in progress, which is clearly true. While some of the backstory is explained as the play unfolds, the audience is still left with a lot of unanswered questions. The tone is also uneven, and the audience is left unsure as to whether the fantasy setting is meant to be serious or simply a parody. While the romance between the two characters looks promising it needed more time to develop. However, the choreography (performed by Josie-Beth Davies and Kamila Domanska) was a nice touch, as was the musical accompaniment by Simone Walsh and Roi Erez).

Overall, it could definitely do with an overhaul when it appears at the Leicester Square Theatre in the New Year.

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