"A good idea, gone unfulfilled"
by Marco Marrese for remotegoat on 05/12/13

This adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen by a very young crew for a youngish audience starts from a great, unconventional idea of theatre but unfortunately fails to deliver on the promise.

The idea of an interactive show is surely brilliant, the choice of a comfy location fit for purpose and the young crew surely has the energy and intrepidity of putting up with whatever will come for the audience, surely.

The balance between actors and audience numbers is, well, unbalanced, to the point that you don’t really understand if there are more actors than audience creating a situation that is uncomfortable, if not outright offensive and derisory for the audience. Most of all, it betrays the very idea of an interactive show.
But the biggest shortcoming of the show is our Emma and the location. We are hostage to a neurotic, unpleasant and unsympathetic Emma and while we could argue this in our Emma’s from the novel, unfortunately the on-stage character doesn’t match the positives of the book ones. And the setting is noisy, confusing and unwelcoming.

On the other side, our George makes for a good performance and almost saves a show that is mostly weak and would need a lot more to work.

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