"Brilliant professional production: a must-see"
by Marco Marrese for remotegoat on 04/12/13

This production of Hot Mikado by the Sedos theatre company is a little jewel that you should not miss and that hopefully will find a bigger showcase and a re-run (a longer run!) at the Bridewell Theatre or, why not?, a bigger location! (anyone reading there???).

The cast has all the qualities to make the best of the score, from the emotional to the thrilling, but they give the best where it is the hardest: the comedy. You are in for a night of laughing and real entertainment. Spencer Pinkus is fantastic in his character and Nick Fyson exudes Pooh-Bah in every sense. Jessica Tobert is a magnificent, powerful (and let’s not forget it, gorgeous Yum-Yum), while Liz Flint is cast perfectly as the mischief Katisha. And the supporting cast is up there with their performance, with outstanding comedy (John Bainton is the master of comedy) and sweetness.
But it is in the choreographies and general qualities of the production that this show really stands out from your normal fringe theatre show. From the lighting to the orchestra, everything is top notch and deserving of a wider audience. The costumes are well thought and the resetting out of Japanese cloths does justice to the true wit of the score.
The run (for now) is short and you should not miss it but I am pretty sure someone will notice this show and hopefully we’ll get new dates. It really is worth it – get your tickets.

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