"A Delight for all That"
by Chris Bearne on 21/11/13

It's frustrating, sitting in a little theatre, right in the heart of town, experiencing an excellent, gripping piece of work ... and sharing that experience with only a couple of dozen others. But that's small theatre in London. Better this than nothing. And hats off again to those who keeping the colours flying, in this case, The Tower Theatre Company. Their offering of Jez Butterworth's foray into Menace on the Moor, premiered at the Royal Court in 2006, drew us into an absorbing, riveting scenario somewhere in a world between Pinter and Peckinpah. What happened when, where is the next clash coming from and who dominates whom - and why? Winterling is rich with such strands and in really competent hands - those of this cast with this director - it's a delight. Not an innocent delight, but a delight for all that. Don't miss it!

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