"Slick ensemble. Great harmonies. Fun"
by Judy Collins for remotegoat on 13/10/13

Normally I judder a little when I know that a production is issue based. In the past I’ve sat in theatres with morals being thrown at me like bricks.
Luckily this isn’t the case with Mikron Theatre Company’s latest production.
In Beyond The Veil, the case is a very different beast altogether! A whodunit case. Who killed April May? Was it Bert the mild mannered horticulturist who’s rather handy with a spade? Or Maud the seemingly innocent beekeeper trainee? Or Bob, the victim’s spurned admirer?
This delightful tale is told by an extremely tight ensemble (Ruth Cataroche, Nicholas Coutu-Langmead, Caroline Hallam and Rob Took) and as the story unfolds, we not only learn more about the characters, but also a great deal about the productions real theme – bees. One of my favourite scenes was a song about Drone bees and how their only objective in life is to mate, and once they do, they cark it!! The information was given in an extremely entertaining way which left the audience with a wealth of knowledge about the endangered creatures. I was also given some organically grown, bee friendly seeds. Bonus!
Each actor multi-roles and uses not only a myriad of accents, but also a stupid amount of instruments including mouth organs, ukuleles and maracas. They also vocally provide the backing music for the film noir type set up of DCI Mark Starkey, who acts as a narrator. The harmonies were beautiful without a note out of place and lent itself wonderfully to the stylised direction.
Mikron are best known for performing in village halls and pubs around the UK, so it was a nicw change to see them in The Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre which continues to host and produce a wonderful variety of theatre.
Beyond The Veil is a lovely light hearted show with a very genuine and poignant message for us to look after our environment and to actively protect the UK’s bee population. It was a great way to spend my Sunday evening and I wholly recommend the production. It’s quite clear why Mikron has been going for 42 years!

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