"Weirdly wonderful witty Jacob Edwards"
by Anna Ambelez for remotegoat on 05/08/13

Music, lights sound, let the show begin, a show of several parts. Jacob Edwards is a comedian, writer, actor and producer, a man of many hats, rather like his show. His first character, one of many, is a nervous, gurgling, giggling guy. This is his debut solo show and whilst a solo show there are several different characters in it; this involves a series of different sketches, centered on various situations. One sketch is silent involving just action and a member of the audience; one is about a game show. However to describe the sketches misses the point of the show, because Edwards is the point, not really what he does, but how he does it.
The audience was small but beautifully formed, responding enthusiastically, even being part of the show, physically on stage. Edwards constant eye contact and banter with the audience established a rapport between him and them, even though at times it narrowly missed being uncomfortable. He works on the edge, leaving one wondering what is coming next, what surprise will he spring on you; this style keeps you on your toes and brings relief when it’s all just fun really, or is it?
A prolific writer, his extensive experience of live comedy, sketches, characters and stand up is evident in this shows format; it is an eclectic mix of all of these things. He is a weird wild card, chancy, original clown, almost scary and certainly off the wall. Jacob’s humor is not to everyone’s taste but if you are up for a heady, hedonistic, hilarious, hectic, hazardous night ‘Faux Latino Show Pony’ is for you; take a chance, Edwards did.

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