The Boy Who Cried Wolf at Brentwood Theatre

Posted on 04/10/19 by Brentwood Theatre

Brentwood Theatre Stages A Musical Yarn For All Ages With ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ This December

Brentwood Theatre is once again putting on a fun family musical show this Christmas time and this year they’ve teamed up with international children’s theatre company Tutti Frutti and York Theatre Royal to bring you The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Loving Family. Funny Sheep. Scary Wolves.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is a beautiful, warming, wintery tale bringing the story of a bother of a boy, a mithered mother and a grand old brass band of a grandad all set in a village of knitters, with fingers flicking, needles clicking and where every new jumper tells a tale!

This retelling of the famous Aesop fable is set over three winters with the family living together in their tiny village working with wool and looking after sheep for their living. While mum enters the Christmas jumper competition each year and grumpy grandad tries to pass his skills on to the new generation to take his place on the mountain, Silas the son is unsure if he is destined for the life of a shepherd!

“This is a universal story of a boy unsure of where he fits in and what he wants to do, set against the backdrop of tradition and expectation. We love to laugh at the sheep and be a bit scared of the wolf that lives high on the mountain. We identify with our day dreamer boy who can’t resist a little fib to brighten up his dull day” says director Wendy Harris on why she wanted to direct the show.

This show has all the elements you’d expect from a family show with lots of music and plenty of catchy songs – including a funny sheep number – played by three very talented actor-musicians and infused with a folky feel in keeping with the visual design of the show. “The set consists of “yarn bombed” trees and giant bobbins and the costumes are inspired by folk handicraft with lots of knitted elements as well” enthuses designer Hannah Sibai.
The visual design has been somewhat of an inspiration as Brentwood will be getting its very own yarn bombed tree this December when The Brentwood Belles W.I. decorate the tree outside Brentwood Theatre with colourful knitted creations themed around The Boy Who Cried Wolf in time for the opening of the show!

This is Tutti Frutti’s first time bringing a show to Brentwood and they’re excited to present this beautiful tale and to delight the families of Brentwood with imaginative, visual and meaningful story-based theatre at our very own Brentwood Theatre.

“As an introduction to theatre it can’t be bettered. It’s beautifully paced, performed with a sincerity that doesn’t patronise” The Yorkshire Post.

“Clickety-click go the knitting needles – and they’re not just knitting jumpers but also stories in [this] low key but charming and wintry take on Aesop’s famous fable” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf is on at Brentwood Theatre from 3-29 December. Tickets available from or call the theatre box office on 01277 200305.

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