Audacious Mr Astley

Posted on 09/01/19 by Burham Old Church

The man who invented circuses comes to #Kent in person! Professional ringmaster, circus personality and actor Chris Barltrop performs his own one-man play in which the man himself tells his story and reveals his character and personality. Five-star rating at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, praised by the critics as 'fascinating, engaging' ; 'entertaining, informative, classy! With his wife, war hero and trick-rider Philip Astley roped off a Ring in an open field in Lambeth, London, near today's Waterloo Station, and from Easter Monday 1768 performed astounding displays of equestrian expertise. Building on their early success, the couple added a clown, rope-walkers and acrobats to their presentation, and the circus was born. At Burham Old Church on Saturday 12th January at 3pm. Press contact: Chris Barltrop 07836 573600 /

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