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1st November to 25th 2018 Thursdays to Sundays 07.30 pm
90 min.
Calder Bookshop & Theatre General £15/Concession £12/
Calder Bookshop & Theatre 51 The Cut
Phone: 02076202900
From 1st to 25th November (Thursdays to Sundays)

The author states the theme of his play Inga is: “The Soviet woman: the old in the new and the new in the old”. Incidentally it touches upon the problems of the new family, love, and everyday domestic existence in a collective society.
Glevov has brought together in one factory and in one community house attached to it a group of women combining in varying proportions the old, pre-revolutionary psychology and the new Soviet attitudes.
Inga, the intellectual organizer is contrasted with the clinging, softer character of Glafeera. Mera, who outwardly at least seems committed to a sexual freedom carried over from the chaotic civil-war days, is at one extreme; and Nastya, an old- fashioned wife who still accepts old-fashioned beatings from her husband as the appointed scheme of God’s world, is at the other.
The relations of these women to one another and their men provide the substance for a very human and revealing story, unfolded against a background of the Five- Year Plan in a clothing factory.
It is the transformation of Glafeera -her emancipation from the kitchen and her development into a self-reliant woman- that dominates the play. Inga is childless by choice and by physical necessity. She is a little too “manly” to be sympathetic, even to Soviet partisans of sex equality. Glafeera, in whom the mother instinct remains fresh and natural even after she is politically emancipated, is a closer approach to the author’s, and to the Soviet, ideal of a woman who is man’s equal without sacrificing the distinctive qualities of her femininity.
From 1st to 25th November (Thursdays to Sundays)

Tracey Ann Wood Jeremiah O ́Connor Alexandra Dionelis María Estévez-Serrano Gary Heron
John Terence Mark Shaer Stephanie Ellyne Simon Bennett Josephine Liptrott
Luis Gayol
Costume Design:
Jenny Hobson
Stage Design:
Marcio Andrei Santarosa
Production by
Dimitri Glafeera Mera Somov Ryzhov Nemtsevitch Veronica Boltikov Nastya
From 1st to 25th November (Thursdays to Sundays)

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