The Diary of Anne Frank

Posted on 21/11/17 by The Poor School

★★★★ remotegoat
"Compelling revival of Wilde's masterpiece... Sophie Wilson is powerful... Frankie Hyde-Peace is commanding... Alex Pitcher strikes the correct balance"

★★★★ remotegoat
"Drama school students seize opportunity... Maiken Magnussen sizzles… Joy Brenugat grabs the audience’s attention… Sophie Wilson shows a talent for comedy"

★★★★ Everything Theatre
"Witnessing so much talent and potential makes for a thrilling evening"

Based on the true diaries of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazis. Her father published the diaries long after the war - he being the only member of the family to survive. This is a poignant true story of an ordinary family in extreme circumstances hidden for 25 months from the Gestapo in an Amsterdam attic.

Cast & Quotes:

Anne Frank - Violetta Jackson
"It’s an honour to have been given the opportunity to help tell Anne’s story. Her optimism is inspiring and though many may not be able to relate to her situation, her everyday adolescent struggles are something which everyone can relate to."

Mr. Frank - Monty Lloyd
"To do justice to someone with such human resolve, dignity and innate bravery is a real challenge – I hope to meet that challenge."

Mrs. Frank - Laura Shipler Chico
"I see the heroism in Edith’s attempts to make their life in the Annex as ordinary as it could be. Against all odds, she taught her daughters to live with grace and dignity in the darkest of times."

Margot Frank - Elodie Tweedie
"A beautiful challenge playing the rock of the Frank family. Her loyalty and belief become painful as events inevitably unfold."

Mr. Van Daan - Richie Daysh
"We are representing real people, that for me is the biggest challenge, to pay homage and make sure that we do it justice."

Mrs. Van Daan - Philippa Heimann
"I’ve found it exciting to play someone so ready to reveal the weaknesses in her character, who so easily unspools and is so disinhibited in her inappropriate flirtations and hysteria. I have replaced any tendency to be appalled with affection for her insecurities and childish nature."

Peter Van Daan - James Glyn
"While I can’t begin to express the inhumanity of Peter’s fate, learning about him I saw parallels; the troubled youth, a hopeless romantic. He was just a teenager, powerless to what was going on."

Mr. Dussel - David Liam
"History remembers him as a selfish narcissistic man, I on the other hand feel this was just a man who was separated from everything he knew, forced into hiding with people he didn’t know, doing the best he could to cope with the situation."

Miep Gies - Olissa Rogers
"I identify with Miep’s loyalty, warmth, optimism and caring personality. She risked her life to ensure others’ safety. I hope if I was born in her era and situation I would have behaved like her."

Mr. Kraler - Alex Pitcher
"Having visited the Anne Frank House many years ago and being utterly moved by it, it’s an honour to be playing the Victor Kugler character, who greatly assisted in keeping the families hidden."

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