Quad, LSE Students Union, East Building, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE

20 closest venues to Quad within 30 km
0.0 miles Ye Olde White Horse
0.0 miles Peacock Theatre
0.0 miles Waterstone - Economists' Bookshop
0.1 miles Royal College of Surgeons
0.2 miles Aldwych Theatre
0.2 miles Pitcher and Piano
0.2 miles John Lyon Hall
0.2 miles Bush House
0.3 miles Sir John Soane's Museum
0.2 miles Pagliacci Bar Cocktails
0.3 miles St Anselm & St Cecilia
0.2 miles Australia House
0.3 miles St Mary le Strand
0.3 miles Loncolns Inn Fields
0.3 miles Fleet River Bakery
0.2 miles Kensington College of Bussiness
0.2 miles Kiss Club
0.2 miles CityLit
0.2 miles London School of Economics
0.2 miles Kingsway Hall Hotel