What is remotegoat

remotegoat.com is your definitive guide to UK events.

Listing over 8,000 upcoming events from over 25,000 major UK venues.

Whether you like theatre, comedy, music, films or markets we are here to help.

How do I send general feedback about the website?

To send us feedback, please use our feedback form.

We are a relatively new service, so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the service please don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Will my personal information be kept private?

Absolutely, we never share your email address with third parties.

How do I change my personal information?

You can update your information by clicking User options on the bottom right hand side of any page, and then selecting Update contact details.

I think one of the listings on your site may be incorrect.

If you have registered a venue or an event and have made a mistake, you have the freedom of correcting the information by clicking edit. If it is a venue or event that you cannot personally edit and you believe some of its content is incorrect, please email us.

I'm performing in one of the events you've listed. How can I let people know?

To appear as a cast or crew member of a production click 'add myself to cast or crew' on the particular event page.

I've recently been to an event that you have listed and I'd like to share my opinions.

To add a review of an event, click 'add review' on the event page.

Why has my account has been deleted?

If your account has been deleted you may have neglected our Terms & Conditions. Please email us.