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>. Animal Farm

featuring: the ALRA 3-Year Acting Course Graduates 2010
Based on the Book by: George Orwell
Adapted by: Peter Hall
Lyrics by: Adrian Mitchell
Music by: Ricahrd Peaslee
Directed by: Zoe Waterman

Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 November 2009 [7.30pm]
matinee: Wednesday 25 November 2009 [2.30pm]


A change in power is taking place down on the farm. The animals have rebelled against their human master and are building a new utopia. However, equality for all comes under threat when there is a struggle for control over Animal Farm. Swine oppression has taken over from human oppression and the distinction between man and pig is nothing more than the evidence of a pink curly tail.

Orwell's fairy tale for modern times re-roots itself in the political, economic and social psyche of 2009 Britain; it is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1945, and demonstrates the problems of egalitarianism in a world of disparity.


Ria Carroll Muriel
Sibylle Bernardin Moses/hen/pigeons/farmer
Eleanor Butters Mollie/Napoleon's dog/ sheep 3
Elyse Blemmings Clover
Syerra Bissessar Minimus/Hen 1/sheep 4
Elliot Hadley-Johnson Napoleon
Simon Kent Snowball/Farmer
Ceri Lloyd Cat/Napoleon's dog/hen/pigeons
Jenna Lyle Squealer
Christopher Mitchell Boxer/farmer
Gavin Nelson Mr Jones/Goose/pig 3/Bull
Hayley Roberts Benjamin
Abbie Salt Cow/Pig2/stable lad
Chiara Silvestrin Old Major/ Pilkington/Sheep1
Hope Vidal Hen2/Cow/Mrs Jones/Pig 1
Francis Woolf Mr Whymper/ Sheep2/farmer

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ALRA 3-year acting course graduates 2010
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