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Cost £14 (Full) £10 (Concession)
Tel0870 163 0717
Jack & Jill are having 'The Talk' that could either make or break their relationship.

A play for everyone, who can handle the truth. Let the battle of the sexes commence.

'Don't apologize, to only me. You've got to apologize to the whole masculine race. You've got to apologize to the rest of the REAL men out there. Blood, sweat and tears. That's what we've shed. Blood, sweat and tears Jack. Ever since the dawn of time, men have fought their way through pain, torture, wars and dirty dishes. We've battled that evil thing called FEMALE and the many obstacles they've thrown in our way. Shopping, salads, washing, cunnilingus… the list goes on. But we've faced the enemy and we've licked it.'

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Jaymie Addicott
Jamiu Adebiyi
Sarah Lewin

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