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Dirty Market's excellent site-specific retelling of Euripides' 'Bacchae' - voted a TO Critics' Fringe Choice of 2007 - returns with a new cast and new venue for a two and a half week run. Warm clothes essential.

BACCHAEFULL responds to the Ancient Greek myth with personal explorations of joy, violence, altered states and alter egos. It is a contemporary piece of total theatre that asks its audience whether they dare surrender to chaos and unreason.

What happens when people try to exclude the irrational, chaotic and unseen from their lives? The citizens of Thebes find out when Dionysus, god of creativity and chaos, arrives there only to be met with rejection by his mother's family and with violent intolerance by his cousin Pentheus, king of the city. Dionysus wreaks a terrible vengeance that leads to madness, destruction and murder. Along the way the myth pulls in caretakers, secretaries, bartenders, shop-workers, call centre staff, IT workers, wage slaves and the jobless, freeing them from the chains of everyday commitment to find the Bacchant inside themselves... But what are the rewards - and what's the price - of surrendering to Dionysus?
Official Review by Leon Conrad, read now
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Jean Apps
Annouchka Bayley
Liz Chan

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