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Devon is the soul of non-commitment. He flits between the life of the
shebeens and the newly established Pentecostal churches; he is married
but a bachelor at heart, well informed but avoids confrontation.
Sociable and innocuous, Devon has managed to secure and hold down a
job at a Bristol engineering firm that operates a racial quota system. Devon
is aware of the quota system, indeed, he is regularly deployed by his line
manager and personal friend, Collin, to turn away black job seekers. Devon
reasons that his employers have a valid point in trying to ensure that wages
are not depreciated by cheap 'coloured' labour and preserving jobs for
their sons and daughters - after all 'this a white man's country'. But Irene is
aware of Devon's collusion in the quota and is disgusted with her husband.
With his relationship becoming increasingly fractious, Devon begins to court
white Bristol canteen girl Sheila Dawes. But when black Bristolians begin to
organise against the colour bar, Devon is forced to confront his duplicity.
His hopes of a romantic escape from his turmoil are dashed when he
discovers Sheila is pregnant. In a fractured world Devon must choose a path
and in the process begin to understand the inner demons that have shaped
his life of compromise.
Devon Country is set in 1963, the year of the Bristol Bus Boycott and
the height of the American civil rights movement, and its subject matter
resonates keenly with contemporary discussions of race and immigration.

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