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The Vaults
Leake Street, Waterloo, SE1 7NN
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Cost £17.00
'Aamira and Gad' is an immersive experience which invites the audience to step into a border conflict between two nations. Unfolding in a no-man's land, the audience joins a group of story archivists to salvage the folktales of these two nations before they are destroyed by war.

On this adventure, we meet Aamira and Gad, each belonging to an opposing side of the conflict and brought together by a sudden loss. Aamira is a story teller, the role passed from Mother to Daughter and now that her mother has passed away, it is her turn. Gad thinks of himself as the hero of his own story, stepping into the standard issue boots his brother left behind. When the two
meet they begin to question the narratives that shape their lives, and question who their true enemies are.

What stories do the archivists salvage? And what stories to they erase? Together with Aamira and Gad the audience will go on an immersive adventure to solve a mystery and build a better future. This show was shortlisted for the LET Award 2019 and an excerpt was performed at the Pleasance in London.

Inspired by experiences of the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict and devised by Bee in my Beanie, we explore what it means to be told that someone is your enemy.

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