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Tennessee Williams is one of few male playwrights known for the remarkable women who shaped and inspired his work, both on stage and off. We've engaged up-and-coming female playwrights to take inspiration from a piece of Williams' short fiction, essays, or poetry to create new, female-focused work.

We will be presenting the showcase, entitled 'Tennessee Williams: Women of Paradise' as a scratch performance at Studio 2, Trafalgar Studios on 11th and 13th of September 2019, 1pm till 2:15pm.

The scratch will consist of a series of separate pieces worked on by the individual groups (playwright, director, actors) in a 'showcase' style.


11th September:

Mister Paradise by Tennessee Williams

Arbeit Macht Frei by Naomi Westerman
Inspired by the essay "The Man in the Overstuffed Chair"

Dear Audrey by Jalice Corral
Inspired by Tennessee Williams' letters to Audrey Wood

Happy Tenth of August by Chloe Ewart
Inspired by the short story "Happy August the 10th"

The Field Of Blue Children by Chloe Ewart
Inspired by the short story "In the Field of Blue Children"

13th September:

Mister Paradise by Tennessee Williams

Life Story by Madeline Schneider
Inspired by the poem "Life Story"

Something by Tolstoi by Amy Garner Buchannan
An adaptation of the short story "Something by Tolstoi"

Dark Horse by Karran Collings
Inspired by the short story "The Yellow Bird"

The End of the Party by Naomi Westerman
Inspired by the short story "Two on a Party"

We are particularly interested in looking at the ways in which women shaped Williams' life and body of work. He's one of a few male writers known for crafting iconic female roles, and much of his biographical information confirms his particular sensitivity to the influence of women; from the terror at his sister Rose's mental illness, to his mother's puritanical governance, and the larger-than-life starlets he cavorted with throughout his later years.

There are such rich pickings amongst his work, and room for exploration. We don't believe that his work has been looked at from this slant before. We are so excited to explore how Williams' work remains inspirational and relatable to the modern day and what remains to be unpicked by a slough of contemporary female voices.

Ticket prices are free and on the day we will be asking for a donation to a women's charity that supports and researches into mental health.

Producers: Caley Powell (for Lights Down Productions)
Molly Wheaton
Maria Austen
Jalice Corral

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