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269 Westferry Road, London, E14 3RS
t: 0207 515 7799
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Cost £8 - £10
Tel020 7515 7799
This is an adaptation of Parnab Mukherjee's "These Trafficked Texts." It is constructed as a montage of oral narratives, first person accounts and testimonies of trafficked women, interviews, monologues, poetry, songs and dance negotiating issues of Human Rights and of everyday gender objectification and discrimination. This piece is dedicated to the women at the Petrapole border (between Bangladesh and India) and especially to Rehana who sung a haunting lullaby missing her daughter in the middle of the night in the border area while sharing their stories with the theatre activist and writer of the These Trafficked Texts.

While there is structure to this performance piece, it does not have a set 'beginning, middle or end' in the traditional sense and marks a fluid journey where all three converge and collide at junctures in narration that marks flashbacks including present moments from the lived experiences of trafficked bodies and their minds.

This piece attempts to be a hard hitting and soulful audio-visual experience for the audience to stir their comfort zones and make them rethink on issues of Human Rights and gender based violence and everyday objectification.

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