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Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Highgate Village, London, N6 4BD
t: 020 8340 3488
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Cost £10-£14
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Bennett's wickedly funny take on our obsession with celebrity and how it can eclipse even the greatest artistic achievements.

It asks - if we had the opportunity to quiz one of the most influential writers of the last century, would we want to better understand his work or instead try to establish the veracity of the theory that he was lacking in the trouser department?

The play transports Kafka and his friend Max Brod - who is remembered, when he is remembered at all, for reneging on his promise to destroy all of Kafka's works in the event of his death - from 1919 Prague to the 1980s suburban semi (sic) of Sydney and Linda.

Sydney, like Kafka, is an insurance clerk and also a keen amateur biographer of the enigmatic Czech - his interest lying not in the fiction that turned his subject's name into an adjective, but in the salacious detail of his private life.

Add to the mix Sydney's elderly father - who is convinced that an encyclopaedic knowledge of Kafka is the only thing that can keep him out of a care home - and Kafka's famously bullying father joining the action to re-write his allotted role in literary history, and you have a recipe for a farcical and hilarious piece of theatre.
Official Review by Cameron Dunham, read now
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