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TOGETHER AND APART is a phrase which may describe the relationship between two partners as they twist and twirl through the intimate movements of a dance. The phrase may also speak to the condition of the Romanian diaspora, divided by distance, united by history and family ties. Most powerfully, though, the phrase hints at the relationship between nationalities, you and me, separated by time and space, but bound together by our fears and hopes for the future.


Thursday 10 November 2016 - Opening Gala
6.10pm, Screen 1, Curzon Soho
Followed by Q&A with lead actor Adrian Titieni, hosted by writer Ian Haydn Smith
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/graduation

Director: Cristian Mungiu
2016/Drama/Romania, France, Belgium/128min/Romanian title: Bacalaureat/Romanian with English subtitles
Cast: Adrian Titieni, Maria Dragus, Lia Bugnar, Malina Manovici, Vlad Ivanov, Gelu Colceag
Winner of the Best Director award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival - Cristian Mungiu
UK Distribution: Curzon Artificial Eye

Internationally acclaimed director Cristian Mungiu returns with a powerful and universal study about the imprecision of parenthood, the relativity of truth and the ambiguity of compromise, revealed by a father-daughter relationship. A unique and uncompromising vision.

Friday 11 November 2016
6.40pm, Screen 3, Curzon Soho
UK premiere followed by Q&A with lead actor Adrian Titieni, hosted by writer Ian Haydn Smith
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/illegitimate

Director: Adrian Sitaru
2016/Drama/Romania, Poland, France/88min/Romanian title: Ilegitim/Romanian with English subtitles
Cast: Adrian Titieni, Bogdan Albulescu, Cristina Olteanu, Alina Grigore, Robi Urs, Miruna Dumitrescu
C.I.C.A.E. Award at Berlin International Film Festival 2016 – Forum

This riveting, unconventional morality play revolves around the Anghelescus: family patriarch and obstetrician Victor and his four adult children. When Victor’s activist daughter discovers that her father informed on women seeking illegal abortions under Ceausescu’s regime, the revelation sends the already dysfunctional family into a scandalous downward spiral. Fast-paced and superbly acted, Illegitimate is a compelling family drama which blurs the lines between conviction and hypocrisy.

Saturday 12 November 2016
6.20pm, Screen 3, Curzon Soho
UK premiere followed by Q&A with lead actor Vlad Ivanov, hosted by screen writer Mike Phillips
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/dogs

Director: Bogdan Mirica
2016/Drama/Romania/104min/Romanian title: Câini/Romanian with English subtitles
Cast: Dragos Bucur, Vlad Ivanov, Gheorghe Visu

Roman returns to the land near the border with Ukraine he has just inherited from his grandfather. Fully decided to sell this vast but desolate property, he is warned by the regional police that his grandfather was a local crime lord and that his men will not let go of the territory - and their smuggling business - without a fight.

Sunday 13 November 2016
3.20pm, Screen 3, Curzon Soho
Followed by Q&A with lead actor Alexandru Papadopol, hosted by writer Ian Haydn Smith
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/stuffanddough

Director: Cristi Puiu
2001/Drama-Thriller/ Romania/90 min/Romanian title: Marfa și banii/Romanian with English subtitles
Cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Dragos Bucur, Ioana Flora

The first decade of the Third Millennium saw an impressive affirmation of the New Wave of Romanian Directors. The period was inaugurated by Cristi Puiu whose first film Stuff and Dough attracted the attention of the world's press.

Seeking a way to finance his own independence, Ovidiu agrees to courier a bag of ‘medical supplies’ to Bucharest. He takes two friends along for the ride, but their high spirits come to an abrupt end when a sinister red Jeep follows and attempts to force them off the road. A straightforward journey suddenly becomes a life threatening ordeal...

Sunday 13 November 2016
6.20pm, Screen 3, Curzon Soho
UK premiere followed by Q&A with lead actor Alexandru Papadopol, hosted by writer Ian Haydn Smith
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/backhome

Director: Andrei Cohn
2015/Comedy-Drama/Romania/91 min/Romanian title: Acasă la tata/Romanian with English subtitles
Cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Florin Zamfirescu, Ioana Flora, Andi Vasluianu, Mirela Oprisor

Robert is a young writer going through a difficult time. He decides to return home to his native village, for the first time since his mother passed away three years before. In more than 10 years, he has paid only a very few visits to his parents and this fact is reflected by the distant relationship Robert has with his father. Now, he meets two former classmates: Petrica – his old best friend, now married with children, and Paula – his teenage sweetheart. She is divorced after an unhappy marriage, she works at a local store, and she doesn’t seem to be engaged in a relationship…

Monday 14 November 2016 – Closing Gala
7.00pm, Screen 1, Curzon Soho
UK premiere followed by Q&A with lead actress Ana Ciontea, hosted by writer Ian Haydn Smith
Tickets: http://www.curzoncinemas.com/rff/sieranervada

Director: Cristi Puiu
2016/Comedy-Drama/Romania/173 min/Romanian with English subtitles
Cannes Film Festival 2016 - Palme D’Or Competition
Cast: Mimi Branescu, Dana Dogaru, Ana Ciontea, Rolando Matsangos, Judith State
Romania's proposal for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

Three days after the terrorist attack on the offices of Parisian weekly Charlie Hebdo, and forty days after the death of his father, Lary, a doctor in his forties, is about to spend the Saturday at a family gathering to commemorate the deceased.

But the occasion does not go according to expectations.

Forced to confront his fears and his past, to rethink the place he holds within the family, Larry finds himself compelled to tell his version of the truth.


The Romanian Film Festival in London (RFF) features a glittering and stimulating array of titles. Very popular and talented actors Adrian Titieni, Alexandru Papadopol, Ana Ciontea and Vlad Ivanov will come from Bucharest in order to join us for the UK premieres of the latest Romanian films.

Organised by Profusion International (www.profusion.org.uk) RFF is a not-for-profit enterprise, functioning with the help of grants and sponsorship from friends and supporters.

Find us on Twitter @RomanianFilmLDN
Tel. +44 7456 542570

All films are in Romanian with English subtitles.

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