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Directed by Séamus Newham / Produced by Léonie Scott-Matthews

These four short pieces date from Williams’ early years as a playwright and are perfect little gems, exploring many of the themes that dominated his best known works.

At Liberty (1939) UK Premiere: a once successful actress retreats to her childhood home in Mississippi with fantasies of resurrecting her career.

Mr Paradise (1941): in a New Orleans book shop a young woman discovers a forgotten book of poetry that changes her life and where her pursuit of its author, the illusive Mr Paradise, leads to an epic battle of wills.

Hello From Bertha (1946): a poetic play about the life and death of a prostitute, Bertha, in a low-class bordello.

Talk To Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen (1952): a young couple bound together in an endless cycle of hopeless poverty, struggle for survival in a dingy hotel-room.

At Liberty and Mr Paradise are two of the 'lost' plays that have only been printed in recent years. It has been some time since Hello From Bertha and Talk To Me Like the Rain and let Me Listen have been staged.
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