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After 2014's successful foray into Shakespeare with a well received production of The Tempest, Individual Theatre will be putting on a new production of Macbeth.

In the aftermath of brutal conflict, a young Macbeth stands nobly before the King of Scotland and is celebrated with the title of Thane of Cawdor. However, a prophecy from three witches states that greater honours are to follow. This production of Macbeth explores how great men with great potential can go astray when they try to shortcut the lessons they need to learn in their youth. Witness the tragedy of this epic tale with Individual Theatre's usual flair for grand story telling, gripping performances, and love of the theatrical.

With live streaming, exploring the idea of Micro/Macro performance, this production brings out new elements from a much loved and performed play.

"So close to the audience, the actors' passionate expression of such a wide range of feelings and moods and experiences, literally took you inside the story, making you feel part of it." - audience member, The Trial, 2013

"That is how to play Shakespeare... Look out for Individual Theatre's next show." - Remote Goat, The Tempest, 2014

"Chris Harknett of Individual Arts brings much of value to this production, including well-chosen music, touching singing... and boundless, infectious energy." - Remote Goat, Much Ado About Nothing (Restless Theatre), 2014
Official Review by Arthur Duncan, read now
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Owain Astles
Roxy Bartle
Lady Macduff
Rhys Denton

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