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This unique theatrical experience sees improvising actors play people locked in a high-stakes real world dispute. On stage between the two sides are a pair of professional mediators who run the show exactly like a real-life mediation.

Neighbours at war, family break-ups, business deals gone wrong, interpersonal conflict at work, gang conflicts… Fascinating true stories are unfolded through the mediation process and human beings are shown at their worst… and best.

The beauty of the process is that the outcome is utterly unpredictable and can reach creative and surprising solutions that no court on earth could arrive at. The whole thing can also break down…

With Mediators and married couple Maria Arpa & David Ellis who run a charity which promotes nonviolent communication and conflict resolution. They have co-mediated over 250 cases and trained around 2000 people. Their experience ranges from Multi-National Corporate business deals to Street Gang threats to life and everything in between.

As a professional partnership and a married couple, Maria and David actively live the principles of their work in their personal and professional relationship. http://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/buy-tickets/theatre/

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