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Raggabones&House is a double bill of short plays by up and coming playwright Chris Doran. Both plays are set in the late hours of the night, but while Raggabones will chill you to your bones, making you wrap your scarf a little tighter, House will get you hot, flustered and aching with laughter. (So wear layers...)

It’s a cold night at a desolate port town, where the story of Raggabones is set. We follow two stevedores who are waiting for a ship to come into port, ready to unload the cargo. The hour is late and the night is cold. Are things really what you perceive them to be? Can you trust your senses?
This eerie ghost story was first read and developed at the Salisbury Playhouse as part of a Theatre Works Dialogue in 2010.

In House we meet Julia and Matt. It’s late at night and although they’re inside Julia’s warm and cosy living room, the atmosphere couldn't be chillier. Could the broken window have something to do with it? Why is it broken? And is it really Julia’s living room?
This madcap farce takes you on a roller coaster journey, packed full of twists and turns. Before we’re done, you won’t know your own name. Maybe it’s…Barry?
House won the 2012 Kenneth Branagh award for New Writing at the Windsor Fringe Festival.
“The writer has created a small miracle, by sure-footedly creating a perfect farce… …shows that the art and craft of writing of farce is not dead.” – John Adams, Co-founder of Pains Plough
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Peregrine Ensemble
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Alexandra Harman

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