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Written by Chuck Anderson
Directed by Dan Phillips

Moriarty runs a refugee camp. It’s a city of troubled people growing like a tumour and it’s 24/7. Shedloads of food, water and excrement, the thievery, threats and protests, aggrieved co-workers, a hostile press, young girls sold into sexual slavery... With his gift of the gab and wry sense of humour he can tough that out. The nightmare which stalks his soul is the spectre of ineradicable guilt.

Moriarty UNHCR Senior Field Officer Jamie Thompson
Griselda UNHCR Regional Director Emma Vansittart
James Stanton UNHCR Communications Officer Chris Clynes
Karen Judd British TV journalist Chandrika Chevil
The Colonel Middle-eastern rebel leader Luca Pusceddu
Sabeen Middle-eastern refugee Balqis Duvall

The Creative Crew
Director Dan Phillips
Writer-Producer Chuck Anderson
Stage Designer Rosie Motion
Sound Designer Kirsty Gillmore
Lighting Designer Matthew Lux Swithinbank
Stage Manager Isabella Brain
Intern ASM and props Natasha Farnsworth
Intern ASM Simon Jackson
Production Photographer Jamie Scott-Smith

Reviews for Dan Phillips:
At the Tristan Bates Theatre, 2014, On Tidy Endings and Safe Sex — “A roller-coaster of bedroom emotion that director Dan Phillips ensures keeps its precarious balance"
At the Secombe Theatre, 2014, Addams Family, the Musical — “Phillips’s attention to detail is superb”

Written by Chuck Anderson
His TV plays have been produced by CBS Television , New York and MGM-TV, Hollywood. In the UK he has authored fiction and non-fiction books. This is his first play since a production fostered by the British Council in Hamburg of the one-act black farce Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee?
Official Review by Christine Stanton, read now
People involved
Chandrika Chevli
Karen Judd
Chris Clynes
James Stanton
Luca Pusceddu
The Colonel

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