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Following Theatro Technis ́ production “We Macbeth” earlier this year where it exposed the CIA’s crimes during the last 50 years in US, George Eugeniou wrote a play about the role of CIA in the Cyprus crisis from 1959, when Cyprus became an independent republic, till 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied 38% of the island for the last 40 years.
The main character of this play is Archbishop Makarios who became the first President of the Republic of Cyprus and soon was a target of US- CIA on the allegation that he was pro-Soviet. Therefore they nicknamed him “Red monk“ or “Castro of Mediterranean”.

Since there is no at present an International Criminal Court of Justice to bring the predators under the rule of law, an imaginary trial is set at Theatro Technis to advocate for the need of such a court as no one, whether individual or state, who has committed a crime against humanity, should be “untouchable” as is the case of Turkey and its patrons, US, Britain and NATO. Justice has no time limit

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Groups involved
Theatro Technis
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Jerry Anton
Richard Nixon
John-Paul Brennan
Actor - Nikita Khrushchev First Secretary of Soviet Union
Danny Coakley
Clarence Darrow

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