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A theatre performance cinematically (re)imagining a world where past and presents lingers and coexist: capturing the elusive search for a promised land. Stories from Europe and from its past -­‐ post 9/11 paranoia, immigration, history and its subjectivity are all entwined in this original piece of visual theatre.

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/92199030


Website: http://www.ferodobridges.org/#!histra/cvta

Produced by Ferodo Bridges
Supported by 3Space
Creative Team: Marco Turcich / Dorothy Melander -­‐Dayton / Kat Leung
/ Fabrizio Panella. Actors: Bhrina Bache / Andrei Costin / Yvonne
Wickham / Marco Rossi / Lucie Novak / Mariana Heglasik / Gabriel Horn
/ Carlo Pavan. Ensemble: Alexander Raptotasios / Oya Bacak / Aline
Derderain / Fernand Paimblanc / Paloma Jacob Dvernet / Aja koke /
Louise Florand / Saul Aiden.

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