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Cost South Hill Park: £12.00 (£11.00 conc.) and Pleasance, London: £12.00 (£10.00 conc.)
Tel0207 609 1800
Our lives are getting shorter. We live in a world of Wikipedia, Tinder chats and Twitter feeds – an information age of anything, anytime. With newspapers staying on shelves and journalists in the dock, we’re losing faith in the institutions we once trusted and becoming our own reporters. Long Story Short sheds new light on the ever-increasing speed of our digital lives and illuminates the implications of such a climate asking, “what’s next?” as a new chapter of British journalism begins.

A cast of eight play multiple roles in a production that plunges audiences headlong into the high-octane turmoil of a modern media world, captures the desperation of a sixteen-year-old youth offender as he tried to find his missing brother and travels through the 1960’s with a young entrepreneur as he endeavours to spark revolution on Fleet Street. This episodic, multi-stranded show is vibrantly staged with Squint’s trademark cocktail of original drama, live music and ensemble-driven storytelling.

More information about Squint can be found at www.squintonline.com.

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Fiona Steed
Assistant Producer

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