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After F.Scott.Fitzgerald

The carefree swirl of the Jazz Age ... and the tragic romance of Dick and Nicole Diver. Fitzgerald’s “favorite novel” is the story of their passionate love affair and their life as the perfect Jazz Age couple. He’s an idealistic American psychiatrist, full of charm and a promising career. She’s an extraordinarily beautiful and wealthy mental patient being treated at a Swiss sanatorium. They fall in love and marry. Unfortunately, her shameful and tragic past continually forces him to be both doctor and husband. He can’t. And though they love each other, he eventually has an affair with a Hollywood starlet, dooming their marriage and setting the stage for his disintegration and loss of self. Surrounding them are a host of expatriate Americans and glamorous Europeans Dick has “collected.”
Official Review by Mathew Strowbridge, read now
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Celine Beran
Mary, Choreographer
Paula Brett
Baby Warren
Alexander Hulme
Dick Diver

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