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Never Mind The Botox by Nick Reed and starring Ewen Mackintosh

A hilarious journey into the plastic world of surgical enhancement -

‘Dad wants a hair transplant to get back in touch with his youth. Mum wants a facelift to get him back in touch with her. Amy wants to know why Tim dumped her just as they were getting intimate and Tim wants a penis extension so next time he won’t have to! The surgery manager Cristina wants to be the biggest thing in plastic surgery whilst her surgeon husband, Tomek, wants to be a vet. A cut above the average farce, ‘Never Mind The Botox’ is the only comedy that will have both the cast and audience in stitches’.

‘Never Mind The Botox’ is a modern day farce set in a dubious cost-cutting cosmetic surgery clinic over the course of a few days. The play explores the world of self-enhancing surgery and the offbeat comical relationships between the people who find themselves in such a setting. It also examines the age old adage ‘Is beauty really more than skin deep’?

Official Review by Matthew Partridge, read now
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