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A witty, irreverent take on a two thousand year-old story

Packed off to stay in a house on the wrong side of the Tiber, Cleopatra waits for news from the Senate. Will the law allowing her to marry Julius Caesar and rule the world be passed?
Cleopatra whiles away the time by attempting to seduce the incorruptible Brutus, keep irresistible Antony away from her servants, and even to adopt Caesar’s heir Octavius. But it is the Ides of March, and as the shadows lengthen, Caesar still does not appear…
A witty, irreverent take on a two thousand year-old story, the world premiere of Gareth Cadwallader’s first play Cleopatra arrives at the Hope Theatre fresh from a successful development period as part of the King’s Head Theatre’s Without Décor season.
Shelley Lang (Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off and I Never Get Dressed ‘til After Dark on Sundays) stars as the mercurial Egyptian queen, who is not going to let a little thing like an assassination get the better of her.
Mary Franklin (Cleopatra (The King's Head Theatre), The Young Visiters (The Hen and Chickens), Feather (Arcola), Gormenghast (Pleasance)) is currently the Resident Director at The Hope Theatre. This new venue is curated and managed by the King's Head Theatre’s team, with an artistic policy exclusively devoted to new plays, musical theatre and opera.

Playwright – Gareth Cadwallader
Director – Mary Franklin
Set Designer – Amy Job
Lighting Designer – Seth Rook Williams

Cleopatra – Shelley Lang
Marcus Brutus – Hamish Macdougall
Mark Antony – Mark Edel-Hunt
Mardian – Jordan Mallory-Skinner
Iras – Alex Bedward
Charmian – Marianne Chase
Octavius – Richard Mason
Official Review by Jim Kelly, read now
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