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by Jay Presson Allen

Adapted from the Novel by Muriel Spark

Nadine's Window have staged many of Barons Court's most attractive and well received plays as the years go by. They return to us now with a production which is certain to be one of their most popular. Muriel Spark captured a vivid picture of school life in 1930's Edinburgh and that most memorable of teachers, Miss Jean Brodie. Don't miss this splendid staging of the novel - marvellous entertainment!

PERFORMANCES - Tuesdays - Saturdays (7.30 p.m.) Sundays (6.30 p.m.)

ADMISSION - £12 (£10 Concessions)

BOX OFFICE - 020 8932 4747 (Tickets now on sale)

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"Muriel Spark's engrossing tale of the rise and fall of a dangerous and charismatic teacher, and the struggle of her young charges to escape her influence, is a challenging story populated with complex characters whose motivations and understanding of events shift over the course of the play. While not requiring a complicated set or special effects - indeed, the austere Scottish girls' school setting could hardly be better designed for the limited space and bare walls of the Baron's Court Theatre - it does need a strong cast. For the most part, this production by Nadine's Window comes up to the mark, aided by a strong adaptation of the original novel by Jay Presson Allen and intelligent direction by Nadine Hanwell.

Hanwell keeps things simple - the set consists of little more than a desk, a couple of chairs, and a few pictures - in order to let us focus on the relationships on stage. There are a few standout performances. Viv Creegor is both imperious and warm as Sister Helena, her background as a newsreader showing in her superb, measured line delivery. Tim Major gives us a deliciously sleazy Teddy Lloyd, Miss Brodie's object of passion, before convincingly exploring greater depths in the second act, and Sue Parker-Nutley is perfect as the prim, matronly headmistress Miss MacKay.

Much of the effectiveness of the play, however, hinges on the four pupils at the centre of Miss Brodie's fanatical dreams. They have a difficult job - growing up from 11 to 18 over the course of the play - and the four actors rise to the challenge admirably. Alana Ross, with the most stage time as Sandy, gives a remarkable performance with a perfectly judged balance of naivety, precociousness and growing maturity, ably supported by Lizzie Hiscott as the beautiful Jenny and Katie McIvor as weepy Monica. Juliette Power is endearing as the dim-witted and eager-to-please Mary, though in staying true to the character's immaturity she fails to give her much growth over the course of the two acts.

Kate Sandison, as Miss Brodie herself, is something of an enigma. Her physicality is perfect, and she is adept at bringing the blend of pride, haughtiness, and monomania that Brodie requires. Somehow, though, she fails to convincingly portray the complexities of this passionate, deluded woman whose vulnerabilities are hidden beneath a veneer of arrogance.

It's testament both to the script (which gives us many interesting character journeys as well as that of Brodie herself) and of the other performances (particularly Ross and Major) that the play is still engrossing and watchable. Its themes of political and social conformity, personal freedom, sexual morality and misplaced loyalty remain pertinent and the story is still thought-provoking - even shocking - half a century after the novel's publication".

Official Review by Chris Sims, read now
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Jack Govan
Gordon Lowther
Lizzie Hiscott
Tim Major
Teddy Lloyd

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