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"Some days I wake up and I think 'if I don’t win at something today, I’ll stop existing'. I haven’t stopped existing yet. But I might today. I really think I might. "

Our Orchestra is the Cat's Nuts is a collaborate and partially improvised theatre show about the moment you stop practising and start doing, and the pain and pleasure (but mostly pain) of watching someone else be really good at something.

Karlson has invented a rotating greenhouse and is perfecting his sales pitch. Brady keeps finding the best stories ever, but can't quite get them down on paper. William wants to win, but can't quite get started. Mina prides herself on being a strong contender, but struggles with the concept of the finish line.

With Marco Nanetti and Yuna Shin
Directed by Johanne M. Hauge

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People involved
Johanne Hauge
Marco Nanetti
Karlson and William
Yuna Shin
Mina and Brady

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