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The Future Boys are back! This Autumn will see the return of PILGRIM SHADOW, Steve Jordan's acclaimed science fiction comedy play from last year's Camden Fringe Festival. Join Tyler and Gary, the Future Boys, as they embark on a quest for a lost treasure haul in the far reaches of the galaxy...

The show will run as part of a double bill with Ray Newell's A RECIPE FOR DISASTER, a comedy tale of a robbery that goes hideously wrong, with both plays starring Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn. Two fantastic plays for the price of one - not bad, huh?

The show will run for three nights, 20th, 21st and 22nd November 2014, at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield, North London as part of a joint production between Bad Bat Productions and the Enfield Theatre Co-Op. And guess what? Tickets are on sale NOW.

The year is - the future. Tyler and Gary are two petty criminals who are down on their luck. When the infuriatingly happy-go-lucky Gary is caught stealing a space craft, the pair find themselves in hot water and on the run. Tyler is dismayed (though not surprised) at his idiotic partner; but there’s a silver lining – the stolen ship is the Pilgrim, the vessel of legendary treasure hunter Tim Shadow. Can they follow the clues onboard to locate Shadow’s lost treasure? If they evade capture and escape with their lives, they could be very rich men. That's if they don’t double-cross and doom each other to death and destruction first...

Reviews from Pilgrim Shadow's 2013 Camden Fringe debut:

★★★★ - 'Jordan carries on this seething, bubbling resentment and pathetic longing masterfully... (the cast) carry the comedy and characterisation off flawlessly... It's a classic contrast and one that the pair, all bluster and wide eyes respectively, work beautifully. As ever, if on TV ... their pairing I suspect would be seen as one of the greats.' - Views from the Gods. Full review here.

★★★★ - 'A hilarious, unusual Sci-Fi excursion... exciting and hilarious science fiction... the snappy interactions between Chapman and Joselyn bring a great atmosphere... a parody of a futuristic sci-fi blockbuster crammed into a 60 minute stage play and somehow this is achieved with rather a lot of brilliance!' - Remote Goat. Full review here.

'Terrific Fun... Cliff Chapman as Tyler and Adam Joselyn as Gary really embrace their roles – Tyler is all exaggerated patience and tragicomic dignity like Harold Steptoe... Gary bounces up and down with excitement like an ADHD rabbit... Here’s hoping there are more episodes coming our way ... these mini-sitcoms could be as good as anything on BBC3!' - Camden Fringe Voyeur.

'Had an excellent time... The acting was again top notch... The story worked well... It is a mark of a good play when it is only when it finishes you realise your chair has been pretty uncomfortable!' - Graeme Hurry, editor of KZINE and formerly Kimota.

'Pilgrim Shadow ... is ace. Fanboy humour and Bennett pathos as two outlaws try to get mitts on space booty.' - Dan Green, author of the bestselling Basher Science series.

'Like Black Books meets Bottom… laugh-out-loud funny... some strikingly clever moments.' - Annexe Magazine.

'Steve Jordan's new play combines elements of two of the best sitcoms of the last century – Blackadder and Red Dwarf... laughs throughout ... will make it impossible for anyone who sees it to describe Brokeback Mountain in a game of charades in any way other than how they do it here. ' - One Stop Arts.

'... brings together warp speed and witty one-liners in ways that are, well, out of this world... a lot of fun...' - A Younger Theatre.
Official Review by Tessa Hart, read now
Jade Cowan in Performance Reviewed
Carmel Shortall in Camden Fringe Voyeur
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Tyler Smith
Steve Jordan

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