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Cost £12/£10 concessions
Ride the winds with us, to the ends of the earth, and take back what's been stolen...

When a young woman is rescued from a terrible blizzard by a mysterious white bear, little does she know she will soon go on a magical journey to find him again...

Featuring talking animals, enchanted castles, live music and exploding trolls, this is a visual and intimate retelling of the epic Scandinavian fairy tale straight from the hit lists of the Edinburgh Fringe. A bit like Narnia...with a kazoo. A tale for anyone who's ever lost something they loved.

But in a land where nothing is quite what it seems, be careful not to lose your way...

Fri 24th May - 7:30pm
Sat 25th May - 2:30pm

***** "Go and see this show, it's really good" Ailis (aged 6 and a half) for FEST and included as part of their PERFECT DAY at the Fringe.

**** "Peppered with live music, on guitar, tin whistle and tambourine, East of the Sun, West of the Moon is living proof that you don't need elaborate staging to hold an audience, or a catalogue of poo and wee jokes to engage a young mind...Here's hoping it's just the start of the journey" - The Scotsman HOT SHOW

​"Imaginative and beautifully told" - The List KIDS' HITLIST SHOW

​Audience Feedback:​

"East of the Sun, West of the Moon: the most childish grown-up, fairy-tale brilliance I've thus far seen at the Fringe. Pure magic." - Simon via Facebook​

​​"...still talking about it. It was AMAZING. We loved your acting, your costumes and your direction. Henry and Charlotte were spell-bound and can't wait to see your next production..." Richard via Facebook

​​"...can't recommend it highly enough. The children I took ranged in age from 4 - 10 (I'll keep quiet about my age!). We all really enjoyed it; it was a treat to watch; funny, engaging, magical. Do yourselves a favour and go and see it!" - Libby via Facebook

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