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In a little pocket of London an elderly professor Van Helsing built a sanctuary for his old foes, the monsters. A place they could live undisturbed and happily ever after, after all they are people too. The monsters lived a secluded and quiet life. Recently their landlord and friend, Van Helsing, passed away and his daughter, Elvira, is now their landlord. Unfortunately Elvira is not as tolerant of monsters as her father and plans to evict these eerie residents and build a luxury apartment block.

However the residents unaware of these developments have problems of their own. Dracula has been cursed by the curator of the Egyptian wing of the British Museum who is living in the basement flat. Dracula is suddenly his actual age but still immortal however he now requires a home help.

Elsewhere John Talbot is desperate not to turn into a werewolf, Victor Frankenstein and Igor are creating a monster and trying to hide it from Victor's fiancee, Elizabeth, the Invisible man is having difficulties with squatters, while builders prepare one of the flats for a new resident Christopher Lagoon or it may be Creature nobody's sure.

Elvira finds a reason to evict each resident and becomes embroiled in the spooky lives of the residents of Transylvania Terrace.

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Two dates only, 6th and 19th of June. DO NOT MISS OUT!

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The Reppro Theatre Company
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Peter Brammer
Michelene-Philippe Heine
Lee Ravitz

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