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Susan's husband Andy is perfect - handsome, kind and sensitive - every woman's dream. Susan's brother Tony, is charming and witty and her beautiful and accomplished daughter, Lucy is a musical genius. Living in their enormous stately home with its magnificent gardens and champagne virtually on tap, Susan has the ideal life! Except … Susan's real husband is Gerald, is a self-obsessed and really rather dull Vicar! They share their suburban semi with Gerald's neurotic sister, the world's worst cook, while Susan's son has run off to a cult forbidding contact with parents! As Susan's hallucinations become increasingly more vivid and frequent the two worlds begin to collide and even the charming Doctor Bill Windsor struggles to separate fiction from reality in this hilariously witty comedy. Considered to be one of Alan Ayckbourn's best ever plays, this black comedy will have you laughing and crying throughout and is not to be missed!

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