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Tel020 7515 7799
Delve into TRASH - a fantastic new comedy set in the teeming rubbish heap of student life. Join an eclectic bunch of creative housemates as they scrimp and thrift their way through university, encountering teems of hilarious scenes along the way.
Have you ever wondered how much food is binned per year? 3.6 million tonnes - that's £9 BILLION down the drain! But don't fret yet - tonnes are also salvaged.
Meet our intrepid team of freegans who are on a mission to avoid supermarkets at all cost, only eating for free! Raiding dustbins and foraging for mushrooms, they are happy to eat whatever comes their way. Hoarding together a load of old junk, they live in a clutter-shack of quirky collections comprising piles of percussion for their community trash-band, Jamnastic.
Jumbling tunefully along, they are preparing for a newcomer to move in: Marie, a gourmet-loving girl from France. But will such a delicate palate cope with so many overpowering flavours and personalities? And what will the constantly worrying landlord, Neil, think when he drops in on a rubbish-rustled binning feast?
Packed with energy and ecstasy, a mish-mash of memorable moments combine to make TRASH the must-see performance of the autumn.

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People involved
Alexis Coward
Curly Kat
Liam Fleming
Glenn Mortimer
Nigel/ Neil/ Ice Cream Man

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