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A heady blend of lust, intrigue and murderous plotting, John Webster's play tells the story of Vittoria Corombona, a married noblewoman, who falls in love with the lacivious Duke of Brachiano. As Rome is abuzz with gossip of the affair, their powerful relatives, Francisco de Medici and Cardinal Monticelso, seek ways to minimise the shame brought on their families.

Shortly afterwards, Vittoria's husband and Brachiano's wife are both conveniently murdered and the finger of suspicion wavers above the lovers. Vittoria is blamed for inciting the murders, tried and sentenced to stay in a home for penitant whores. Brachiano and Vittoria eventually manage to escape to Padua, where they set up court. A series of apparently benevolent strangers appear, but are these ghosts from a troubled past or aggrieved adversaries in disguise, hell-bent on revenge?

From the pen of one of Shakespeare's contemporaries, The White Devil here takes on a dynamic modern setting: the organised crime families of present-day Italy. This murky world, recently brought to public attention by Roberto Saviano's Gomorrah, is bound by an honour-code so strict that any breach may have deadly consequences. With stylish modern dress and modern media, this production promises to delight fans of Jacobean tragedy and thrillers alike.
Directed by: Dave Hollander

Cardinal Monticelso - Martin Balanow
Francisco de Medici - Carole Coyne
Brachiano - Nick Mouton
Isabella - Ella Lucas
Vittoria Corombona - Emily Wray
Camillo - John Irvine
Flaminea - Isabel Swift
Marcella - Naomi Liddle
Lodovico - Derek Dempsey
Antonella - Siobhan Campbell
Gaspara - Jenna Dobson
Dr Julio - Yasir Senna
Cornelia - Margaret Glenn


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