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'Power' by Devon playwright William Stanton, directed by Martin Harvey and produced by Forestage Theatre is a savage farce about what's happening now, or about what's already happened, in everyone's lives. It would be as well to get along and see it before the reality it portrays becomes your future.

William says: "Power is about the times we live in, and how we live. It's about the effect of privatisation on all aspects of our lives and even more so about the managerialism that goes hand in hand with the marketisation of what most people regard as essential services and amenities."

The central character, Gavin Dredge, goes to the offices of Intelligent Wellbeing Solutions to find out why his mother's vital medication has been stopped and more importantly who took the life changing decision. Not only can't the managers and staff find his file, they think he's an anarchist or worse, a fraudster.

"It's not about lecturing politics," says William. "I've created characters that are recognisable but who operate in an extraordinary world. Certainly, there's some very funny dialogue in the play and at one point there is a sequence involving several characters, a bag and three doors which is pure farce."

Cast: Solomon Lennox (Gavin Dredge), Patrick Romer (Arnold Fink/Henry Block), Audrey Schoellhammer (Teresa Barge/Inspector Munge), Charlotte Worthing (Elise Jones/Aurora Rolt)

Official Review by Arthur Duncan, read now
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Forestage Theatre
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Audrey Schoellhammer
Theresa Barge/Inspector Munge
Andy Sinclair
Charlotte Worthing
Elise Jones/ Aurora Rolt

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