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Shakespeare's Classic tale of temptation brought to life by the unique gothic stylings of Dark Corner Theatre

In a city where corruption is rife, where clowns and bawds ply their trade in the shadowy streets, Duke Vincentio grows weary of Rule. Departing for lands unknown he hands over his authority to his seemingly virtuous deputy, Angelo. Angelo rules with an Iron Fist, arresting citizens wherever he can, and punishing them to the full extent of law, even for the smallest of offences. When a young man named Claudio is arrested and sentenced to death, his sister, Isabella comes to plead for his life. Entranced by her beauty, Angelo's virtuous persona begins to crumble, as he pursues a dark and dangerous obsession that could lead to the destruction of his own soul. Will Isabella submit to Angelo's will? Or does her new found friend, a mysterious Friar hold the key to her brother's salvation?...

Tue 28 Aug to Sat 1 Sep

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Nico Lennon

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