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Cost £12, Concessions £10
Tel0844 847 2454
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by Frank Wedekind
adapted from Francis J. Ziegler's translation by John Fricker
Directed by John Fricker

"Won't you visit my dreams for a while?"

OutFox Productions invites you to a new adaptation of Frank Wedekind's classic drama Spring Awakening.

Wendla Bergman just wants to know how babies are made.
Mrs Bergman doesn't want to explain.
Moritz is too nervous to discuss it.
Melchior and his mum Freida seem to have the answers.

But when a request for knowledge is made what will the consequences of knowing be?

Spring Awakening was ahead of its time. It questions authority, education and parenting. It subverts accepted views on teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, religion and suicide. It attempts to build new views, new ideas and new norms. Bold undertakings for a play originally written in the 1890s and just as bold today

"In thirty years, on an evening like to-day, if we recall this one, perhaps it will seem too beautiful for words."
Official Review by Elizabeth Eyre, read now
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People involved
Rachel Dobell
Sophie Doherty
Frau Gabor/Habelbad
John Fricker

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