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thickear presents 'quite-slight'

quite-slight will take place at ARBEIT 4 Helmet Row London EC1V 3QJ, from Feb 18th until Feb 25th. Private
view: Saturday, Feb 18th 18:00

'quite-slight' is an exhibition of sound related art works due to take place at the Arbeit Gallery in East London.

The Arbeit Gallery is not a pristine white cube exhibition space. It is an informal setting, home to a small number of studio spaces, not hermetically isolated from environmental sounds or appropriate for blacking-out.

'quite-slight' is more a response to its habitat than a shoehorning of inappropriate works into a preexiting site. It is as much a statement of intent than a post facto pronouncement. 'quite', meaning - to the utmost (when spoken, the meaning can vary with the tone of voice). 'slight', meaning - to a small degree.

Discrete works, some silent, some occurring sporadically, perhaps faint and minimal, reect the choice of this double gestured title.

The title 'quite-slight' has a twofold consonance. In textual terms it is the recurrence of similar sounds, especially those at the end of a word. In music, the combination of notes that are in harmony with each other due to the relationship between their frequencies.
This exhibition attempts a certain harmony with the space it inhabits, accepting its locale, the occasional noise of the coffee machine and low hum from the overhead fan heaters.

'quite-slight' does not attempt to foist upon the space, but cohabits, being heard amongst these sounds, and seen subject to the natural illumination from the glassed ceilings quiet-lights.

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