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Sex, power, money, drugs... This is a play about journalism.

The Shallow End is a hilarious, biting satire that attacks the predominant mercenary agenda in the UKs media. Set in the 90s at the lavish wedding of a media mogul's daughter, the axe is about to be wielded. Amidst the enthusiastic revelry the old-guard of a recently taken-over broadsheet paper are presented with the dilemma of yielding to the philosophy of the new regime, thus compromising their own professional & moral values, or be ousted from it.

The Shallow End unmasks a heightened world of seduction and power, walking the stark moral battle lines that were drawn at the dawn of a new age in British media.

The press is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being.
Thomas Jefferson.

How could a profession, that at it's heart embodies our notions of freedom and truth, become so tarnished? With a quick glance over our shoulder, perhaps we may see how..... and why.
Official Review by Aline Waites, read now
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Stone Junction
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Stephen Chance
Harry Rees
Alexander Nash

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