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"SLEEPING DOGS" by Brenda Gottsche

"Let sleeping dogs lie..." We all have times when we take that option and hope those hounds stay put. Dr Roz was one of those people. She is a famous, hugely popular radio psychologist who fixes people's problems. Her husband, Leo, is a bestselling crime writer. Just when it seems she's set to become Britain's Oprah Winfrey, a letter arrives revealing juicy information they were hiding from the world and each other. The 'sleeping dogs' awake and cause chaos. Their son, a member of a radical religious group, the man who is blackmailing them, and the eccentric psychiatrist who is addicted to designer shoes all join in the chaos. A comedy drama...sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes very moving.


PERFORMANCES: Tuesdays - Saturdays (7.30 p.m.)

Additional Matinees (Saturdays 2.30 p.m.)
Special Admission Price: £8

ADMISSION: £12 (Concessions: £10)

Book for 2 and your partner gets a free drink and a chocolate!" .....

BOX OFFICE: 020 8932 4747

EMAIL BOOKINGS: Email londontheatre@gmail.com, stating performance required and number of tickets. Pay for them in cash when you come to the performance.

Sleeping Dogs....benefits enormously from Edmund Dehn's standout performance. He endows Leo with credibility, and piles on the vulnerability so that one can't help but sympathise with this loveable rogue. It's a grounded performance too, and even if the audience is never explicitly told who the real Leo is, Dehn has clearly worked it out in his head, which is why he's terrific in a difficult part to pull off.

As the shrink whose husband makes her doubt her own abilities and sanity, Barbara Hatwell is very successful. Roz is a less showy part than Leo, but Dehn and Hatwell bring the best out of one another and their domestic scenes are a joy to watch. The supporting actors are well-cast too: Joel Dyer's ethereal and gothic Alex lends the show another dimension, and he nails the sarcasm and withering contempt. As the unwelcome stranger who catalyses the conflict, Andrew William Robb is excellent as Andy, cleverly playing him with so many grey areas that he comes across as a prototype-Leo and you're never quite sure when, if ever, he's telling the truth. Roz's best friend and fellow shrink Anna is finely played by Fiona Watson, who brings a touch of sanity when Roz's family disintegrates.

Reservations aside, Sleeping Dogs is a hugely enjoyable and intriguing new play, and very close to being excellent. It's brilliantly performed, often laugh-out-loud funny, and the writer and directors deserve enormous credit for maintaining a strong grip of the narrative thrust in a complex and finely-balanced show.

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