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Edinburgh-based ukulele and classical string trio, eclectic bittersweet balladry, lush vocals and sweeping filmic orchestration. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emily Scott writes poetic lyrics and oddball string compositions. On stage she's joined by Kate Miguda (violin), Rik Evans (viola) and Pete Harvey (cello). A must-see genre-mashing thing of beauty! 'Whimsical, charming folk-pop with buckets of soul and unexpected melodic twists' (Vic Galloway, Radio1 Scotland), 'Quietly magical' (Boomkat). 'The kind of softly trimmed sepia that suggests her vocals have been prised from a slab of 78rpm shellac' (Losingtoday.com).
Robert Carey is a singer and composer. His sound is epic but minimal. Sparse yet massive. Mechanical rhythms meet with urgent emotion, the sound grasps punches and wrestles with you, unconventional in style, striding out beyond predetermined pop structures, a primal display of feeling over form, instinct over reason. Pushing the buttons that connect us all. www.myspace.com/robertcarey
Good Weather Girl are an indie/rock/pop band based in London, UK, and fronted by brother/sister duo Dion October Lucas and Shem Lucas. They are the children of punk Style-icon Soo Catwoman. After uploading some original material on MySpace Good Weather Girl were contacted by Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics who invited them to record at their studio. Their debut album 'Boon' was released in 2010 and is available for download on iTunes. They have written many new songs and toured Germany in 2010. as well as appearing on 'Tracks' - the music and culture show on the Franco-German Arte channel. They go into the future expanding their repertoire, with stars in their eyes. www.myspace.com/goodweathergirlmusic
From Detroit to London, Sierra Leone to New York to LA, Mayaeni has traveled far and wide, absorbing the many cultures she's experienced, bringing a depth to her music and lyrics that far belies her 24 years. The daughter of a West African mother and a Jewish father--a former guitar player who played with Sylvester, Carl Carlton and Jimmy Ruffin -- Mayaeni has had no shortage of influences to draw from in her rich cultural background.
She started recording demos for other artists and working with hip hop based producers. After cutting a few demos with one of her idols, Billy Lawrence, she released her first self-titled indie album with producer Shaun Fisher (Mandy Moore). The album was well received and resulted in shows in New York and Detroit as well as a tour of Japan. While in Japan, Glad News Clothing, a popular label in Japan, New York and Los Angeles, signed her to an endorsement contract, unheard of for an independent artist. It was not long before Mayaeni caught the ear of multi-platinum producer/songwriter Toby Gad (Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry, Beyonce's If I Were A Boy). They co-wrote 5 songs together in early 2008.
In the fall of 2008, Mayaeni signed a development deal with mega producer/songwriter Linda Perry's Custard Records. She penned songs with numerous well-known writers/producers including Boots Ottestad, Sam Bisbee, Martin "Doc McKinney" and Linda Perry. Upon expiration of the development deal with Custard, Mayaeni returned to New York, where she incorporated her experiences of the last few years in her new songs, resulting in a unique and fresh sound, with an immediacy and honesty too often missing in today's music. www.allpartsmove.com
Mayaeni is a seasoned live performer whose poise and confidence are at odds with her youth. And she wants to keep things simple: "I'm interested in making music that people can relate to and that is real". And real is just what Mayaeni is. Her skilled blending of the old school with the new promises great things for the future. www.mayaeni.com

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